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Hello, dear music-lover!
We are glad you have chosen our homepage to get to know some details on the group "The Kern Buam".
"Kern" is our surname and "Buam" is the Austrian dialect expression for "Boys".

Our group was founded over 50 years ago and only played, at the time, music for private purposes within the family.
The group consists of Adolf Kern, his sons Erich, Sepp, Hubert and their cousin Hansi Mitterhummer.

As the beginning goes back to our days of youth, the name Buam (boys) was chosen, which has not been changed ever since. We have always remained faithful to the tradition of "Austrian Folkmusic". Styria, one of the nine Austrian provinces with its capital Graz, is the place of our origin.
The music of the Kern Buam possesses its own characteristic style and sound that we have been playing up to now.
The fact that we have become Austria's most typical and successful folkmusic group proves that we have chosen the right path.

We recorded more than 700 songs on music-cassettes, CDs, videos and DVD. We hope that our home page has given you a close enough insight into our background and music.

We wish you much pleasure with the music of the Kern Buam!

Senator Prof Sepp Kern
30.12.1933 - 30.06.2010

The musicians

Following you can find information about The Kern Buam:

Wilhelm Fabian

Posaune & Gesang

Peter Schlatzer

Trompete & Gesang

Josef Kern

Leiter - Komponist (30.12.1933 - 30.06.2010)

Hermann Rumpf

Harmonika & Gesang

Fritz Pignitter

Posaune & Gesang

Erich Kern

Trompete und Gesang

Alois Sidar

Gitarre & Gesang